Brantley Dunaway on characteristics of Creative Leaders

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Creative leadership is not industry-specific. It is the individual act of a leader in the framework of perpetual beta, and thus path-dependent. Contrary to logical forms of leadership, where the act of problem-solving concludes in one truth, Creative Leadership presupposes that the drive for a solution to an issue or challenge can have a number of outcomes and is to a noteworthy degree shaped by the leader.

Even though creative leadership is not exclusive to entrepreneurs and business persons, creative leaders share several characteristics of entrepreneurial behavior:

  • Creative leaders think strategically, globally, and towards large impact. They have holistic connectedness and social awareness. They show mindful self-awareness, being linked to what is happening in the here and now, show compassion for others, and give off a humble, open attitude. A key characteristic of being a good leader is the capability to translate an appealing market opportunity into an enterprise concept that is innovative against current business models. They can incorporate large societal impact with eye-catching economic returns.
  • Creative leaders find ideas and insights from chance encounters, unrelated fields, and the unexpected. They look after broad external networks with the anticipation that this builds considerable future value, and they use open dialogue to tease out ideas and perspectives from others. They are comfortable with paradoxes, and conflicting needs, contradicting insights, ambiguity. They challenge and identify assumptions that underpin perceived realities. Other leadership characteristics comprise thinking in contrary directions and intentionally rejecting traditional, inherited parameters. They are not pleased with the first solution and search for better concepts that bring key improvement. They view life as a journey where chances for development and learning are always present. Ultimately, they instinctively sense new opportunities that can be created.
  • Creative leaders are able to entice team members who raise the diversity and caliber of the collective. They are able to design creative processes that allow learning and improvement resulting in a speeding rate of improvement, working toward a tipping point where change becomes inevitable. They know what key values are essential in one’s life and act upon them authentically. Creative leaders are honest and transparent, with correspondence between words, intentions, actions, and presence. They build an organizational culture that cherishes and nurtures the ideas of others, eliminates barriers, and structures incentives to strengthen the change that is being sought. They offer the experiences, story, and motivations that authorize the organization toward a common objective. They arrange the ecosystem of partners in the private, public, and social sectors to bring systemic change.

Brantley Dunaway has been profiled as one of the “Top Leaders to Know” by Today’s Man and in 2002 “Top 22 People to Watch” in business and artistic leadership by 5280 Magazine. He is the recipient of Tribeca Film Festival’s Alfred P. Sloan Award for Best New Script. He is a renowned producer and creative leader with 25 years producing, presenting and the development of works for theatre, feature film, and experiential marketing initiatives.

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