Brantley Dunaway On The Role And Responsibilities Of Film Producer

Brantley M Dunaway

Film Producer is a job title that frequently invokes up images of big film studios and hanging out with the most famous movie stars on set! For most people, it is certainly a bit of a mystery and it leaves individuals scratching their heads wondering what the heck a film producer does. Film Producers frequently struggle to define the role themselves easily and this is because, in reality, there is no definitive job description. It is a job filled with a broad range of tasks and no two days are the same. Here is an outline of their typical responsibilities.

  • One of the most significant roles for a producer is the development of the storyline. Producers need to be always on the watch out for good ideas that they think they can turn into a successful movie. A winning idea can come in the form of a play, a book or a screenplay that is already well complete reasonably. Then they need to persuade the scriptwriter to work with them to develop the idea into a completely formed movie. When the film script becomes more polished, the producer will begin sounding out diverse directors and select one to work with. A few directors like a lot of input from the producer and others want more imaginative control themselves. The producer also needs to entice a well known actor who can help raise the profile of the movie and offer the backers what they want – a return on their investment! The development stage can go on for years in several cases and in truth, for one reason or another, lots of movies never get via this stage.
  • A producer’s job is to control every feature of the film from the start to finish. The scope is vast; they might aid the development of an early idea, working with a scriptwriter to aid them secure funding. They can be entailed in hiring the team – the casting actors, director, the editors, finance resources, etc. They will be on-set making sure everything is operating to time. They may even be the person influencing the big-name stars to plug the movie on chat shows!
  • A producer needs to team up a world class creative team during pre-production. A casting director, director, special effects, cinematographer, and several other skills need to be lined up to make the film a box office success!
  • Raising the money is evidently a vital part of the job. Without the cash, the film will never get off the ground. So, a producer needs to use all their business experience and connections to assist raise the finances. If the Producer has a good track record of successful movies, it is much simpler to secure financing but most producers find this one of the challenging parts of the job.

Brantley Dunaway has been profiled as one of the “Top Leaders to Know” by Today’s Man and in 2002 “Top 22 People to Watch” in business and artistic leadership by 5280 Magazine. He is the recipient of Tribeca Film Festival’s Alfred P. Sloan Award for Best New Script. He is a renowned producer and creative leader with 25 years producing, presenting and the development of works for theatre, feature film, and experiential marketing initiatives.

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